Auto Logoff
Screen Pass can be configured to logoff if the screen saver is running and inactivity continues past a second administrator defined timeout.

“I think that every network administrator on my base could use Screen Pass... I like everything about it, especially because now I don't have to worry about people being logged on to the network for too long. I just set Screen Pass up for the amount of time that I want, and it reboots!”

Jerry Phillips Edwards
Air Force Base

True administrator override
An administrator can enter his or her ID and password to unlock the workstation.

Centrally control security options
Administrators can manage all Screen Pass settings locally or remotely.

More about Auto Logoff

Screen Pass extends the capability of the standard workstation lock and gives network administrators control over idle workstations. You can enforce screensaver password use, screensaver timeout, and screen saver selection. Advanced features include automatic logout and shutdown, customizable administrator override, and auditing of all logon/logoff and lock/unlock events.

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